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    My Son name is rayyan and i know its Muslim name and its has good meaning.
    now,i want to name my daughter similar to Rayyan.
    So i choose 3 names Rania ,Inaya,Rumaysa and most important thing i want to chose muslim name with good meaning.
    i asked from some Mufti about these name meaning and Are they islamic names??he replied me as follow
    “1. Rania means Queen
    2. Ranya means conquerer
    3. Inaya means concern solicitude
    4. Inaaya means Gift of Allah
    5. Rumaisa means bunch of flowers
    Rania is not Arabic name
    The other two are.
    U can keep any of the last two names as they are Muslim names.”this is mufti answer
    I am very much disappointed to read this as when u randomly search about the name,the result is same as mufti said.
    When someone asked from scholar(or mufti),he believe that he will reply after research.i don’t know to whom to believe.when someone ask from some person,it is his responsibility to reply with full knowledge.
    Anyways i just want to confirm that Rania is Arabic name.i saw all 3 names in your websites and got meanings.but i just want to Confirm that rania is muslim name and its meaning Considered to be good for muslim girls.Can u mentioned book name or any link where we can see its meaning and origin.
    thankfull to you

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