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    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    i selected “Rania” name for my daughter.
    And asked from imam of our Masjid about its meaning
    he replied me
    “The name (رانية) is a Muslim name and is often used name. The name means to be happy delightful, and pleased”
    but from your site i came to know its other meaning.
    I am confused about its meaning.Can u clear it.
    Also,i asked from some mufti and he said this name is not islamic and not a good name.Can u tell me may i used this name for my daughter considering it a good islamic name with good meaning

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    Alaikumasslam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    Ranya can be derived from two Arab roots. The first one is A-R-N (a non-Quranic root), in which case the name means “one who have a loving gaze”, “one who gazes at something”. The second root is R-Y-N, which is a Quranic root, and in this case the name means “winner”, “victor”, “triumphant”, literally “one who overcomes”.

    Both derivations of the name (both of which have the same Arabic spelling and pronunciation) are acceptable names for girls since they both have good meanings.

    We haven’t seen the meaning of “happy” in regards to this name. The only meaning similar to this is “one who is feeling an extreme emotion or feeling, whether happiness, sadness, heat or cold” as mentioned in the Lisan al-Arab encyclopedia regarding the R-Y-N root.

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    Assalamu alaikum,
    i got this further information about this name.i really like this name and make it clear before finalize it.
    so if plz you could make it clear which meaning is correct,i am very grateful to you.
    “The word Raniya is not used in the Qur’an at all. There is another word (Rana) which is used in the Qur’an that means to be overpowering, victorious, etc.

    According to the meaning “winner”, “one who triumphs”, “victor”, “successful” the word would be Ra-i-na, which is not the same as Raniya. So Raniya has different meaning which is to be happy delightful, and pleased.

    So to summarize, Ra-i-na (رائنة) is used in the Qur’an and not Raniya.


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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    The standard meaning of Raniyah is “one who has a loving gaze”, “one who gazes for a long time”, being the feminine form of Rani, which is the ism faa`il of Ranaa (رَنا), which means “to gaze for a long time”.

    The meaning of “winner”, “overcomer” is a non-standard formation. Many Arabic names do not follow the rules of grammar, therefore asking a linguist may not help. It is formed by adding the iyah of attribution to the Quranic verb Raana (رانَ), this is incorrect grammatically, but it is acceptable as a name since many Arabic names do to follow the rules of grammar.

    We have not seen the meaning of “happy” or “delightful” regarding this name. If you can tell us from which root it is, we can look into it.

    If you want to use a form of this name that is unquestionably correct, then use the one in the first paragraph. It is a simple derivation from a simple root and there is no doubt in it.

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