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    I want to know the exact meaning of Naimal
    According to Ayat ” Hasbunallahu Wa Naimal Wakeel Naimal comes from the root word “Naima” which means best excellent and bliss where as “Al” is definite article used in arabic and it means “the”…… but I want to niw the meaning of Word “Naimal” I like this name and I want to choose for my baby

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    I want to know the exact meaning of name “naimal” according to quran

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    What is the meaning of Naimal. How to write it in Urdu. With aain or with yaaay.?

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    Maham Malik

    I want to know exact name naimal meaning

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    I want to know the exact meaning of name “naimal” according to quran. And is it good name for baby girl.

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    Naimal name urdu meaning in detail..

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    Is naimal quranic name?

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    I want to know the exact meaning of name naimal according to quran

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    From which ayat naimal dervied

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    what is the meaning of naimal in arabic

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    Aqsa umar

    What is the exact meaning of naimal name? How to write it with Hain or yayy?

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    Namel Wakeel

    Naimal is sort of verb in Quran which is used with wakeel so here it is used to define Allah that namel wakeel means insaf krny wala ya acha krny wala ya behtareen karsaz so
    There is no meaning of namel alone it just refer krny wala like a verb in english

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    What’s the meaning of naimal?,

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    “نیمل” کا لفظ اردو، عربی اور فارسی کسی لغت میں نہیں مل سکا، البتہ عربی میں “نمل” (نَمَل: Namal) کا لفظ بطورِ مصدر استعمال ہوتاہے، اس کا معنٰی ہے: کسی چیز یا جگہ کا چیونٹیوں والا ہونا/ چیونٹیوں کی کثرت ہونا/ پاؤں کا سن ہوجانا/ نتھنے میں ایسی گدگی کا احساس جیسے جسم پر چیونٹی چلنے سے گدگی سے ہوتی ہے۔ یہ نام (نَمَل) رکھنا مناسب نہیں ہے۔

    بہرصورت “نیمل” کے بجائے کسی صحابیہ رضی اللہ عنہا کے نام پر نام رکھنا بہتر ہو گا۔ فقط واللہ اعلم

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    Avenue 17

    I am very grateful to you for the information. It very much was useful to me.

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