Is Safura (or Séphora in french) a good name for a muslim baby girl

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    I was looking for a good name with high islamic values.
    I recalled Prophet Musa’s (as) wife history.
    She was the youngest girl of Prophet Chu’aïb (as) but yet she showed a high level of wisdom, modesty and courage to Musa when he was running from the authorities.

    He chosed to marry her when Chu’aïb offered him to marry one of his girls as a gift because Musa helped this family while the father was old and weak.

    I read that Safura means “little bird”, is it true ?
    And is this name known in islamic sources ?

    If not, is it a good baby name or not ?

    Thanks a lot for your website. As far as I know, it’s the best source for muslim names (very good features) even for French people like me that don’t use english websites a lot when it’s about islam.


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    I wish this question was answered. I too was thinking about this name for my baby girl. I also love that it’s very unique.

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    Walaikum asalaam. Nit sure how old this post is. However my daughter is called safura. It is also spelt safoora. It is common in my area. I come from Kashmir area of Pakistan. It was musa alaihi salaam wife’s name. It has a good meaning.
    The meanings I came across when I named my daughter were: flower, prophet musas wife, God fearing.
    I have come across 2 different spellings in arabic too صوره and سفوره. Not sure which one is more correct.

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    Sorry corrections.

    Musa (as)’s wife

    صفوره *

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    I spoke to someone who is native Arab. And they haven’t ever heard this name before. So I would do a bit more research and go for a name that is maybe more recognised as Islamic name.

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    Further research.

    Zippora was name of Prophet Musa’s wife. This means bird

    In arabic عصفورة means bird.


    Quite confusing

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