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    As Salamu Alaikum, Reffering to your website question and answer section me and my friend was suggesting some baby name for his new born baby girl last night, We liked the name Inara and thats what was said in the ears of baby after azan, as Inara talat, But as my friend is living in saudi and his friends in saudi are objecting with the name, say that inara means street lamp in arabic Can you please tell us more about this name? if it is really objectionable???

    We selected the name on the bases that it has the meaning of light and guidance of noor, Ray from heaven, Pls let us know more on this subject 🙂
    Jazak Allahu Khairan for ur service 🙂

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Inara or Inarah means “lighting”, “illumination”, literally meanin “to light”, “to illuminate”, and the meaning of “street lamp” comes from that. It is not a bad meaning in its own.

    It is important to take culture and the preference of the locals into consideration, if the local Arabs think it is not an admirable name and the child lives among Arabs or is going to, then may be best to avoid, even though many Muslim non-Arab cultures like the name and use it.

    There is also the name Misbah which means “lamp”, “light”, which is actually a common name among Arabs, though it is used with the meaning of “light bulb” too.

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