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    My question is with regards to names for baby boys; I have heard that naming a baby Muhammad Mustafa may be “heavy” and we have to be careful as the name belongs to our Prophet SAWS. Can you please help clarify if indeed this is the case and that we should seek alternative names instead?
    Is this name allowed/desirable?

    Alternative names being considered are Muhammad Zayd and Muhmammad Essa (Rehman is the family name).

    Appreciate your views and guidance on using the above names (my preference remains Muhammad Mustafa if it is desirable and allowed)

    Thank you and regards,

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    Aboo Mu’aawiyah

    Wassalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu,

    Muhammad, Zayd and Eesaa – all these names are good. I’m not staff here and I cannot comment on “Mustafa”, due to lack of knowledge. Don’t worry about “heaviness”, it is a good name.

    I must inform you though, that “Rehman” is suspicious to me and you should contact an Emaam regarding the usage of “Rehman” as a family name.

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    Aboo Mu’aawiyah

    “One of the things that is recommended with regard to naming children is to give the child names of Prophets and Messengers, and the best of Prophets’ names is the name of our Prophet, Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).”

    Source: Islaam Q&A.

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    Aboo Mu’aawiyah

    To clarify: “Don’t worry about “heaviness”, it is a good name.” I meant in regards to “Muhammad” as I wont comment on Mustafaa, other than the spelling.

    I will just correct your spelling of some names, in shaa Allaah:

    1. Mustafaa rather than “Mustafa”
    2. Eesaa rather than “Essa”

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    Muhammad Mustafa is an acceptable name. The spelling is also acceptable. The “heaviness” of a name is a superstition and has no basis in Islam, therefore it should be given no consideration.

    Muhammad Zayd and Muhammad Essa are also acceptable.

    The name Rehman (which is an altered spelling of Rahman) should not be used as a first name, but if it has become your family name, it can be kept, since the fiqh principle is that if a forbidden name has become the proper name of something (such as a family) and has gone into common usage, there is no need to change.

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    Ibn al-Qayyim said:  
    Because names have meanings, these meanings will inevitably have an effect on the person who carries the name. Names have an effect on the things that are named, and the things that are named have an effect on their names, whether they are beautiful or ugly, light or heavy, subtle or crude.  

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    Assalamu alaikum
    I want to keep my new born boy the name Muhammad Rahman as my mother wants this name and some ones told you can,t keep Rahman as last name.
    so is there any prohibition on it and other suggested names are Muhammad Ibrahim and Muhammad Ahmad so if you can give me a suggestion that will be great.
    Khursheed AHMAD

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    Haneen ahmed

    Aoa, I wanted to know if I can name my son Muhammad Hamdan Ali.. won’t be heavy having Muhammad and hamdan together? And is there any concept of heaviness in Islam please do guide me.. (Ali is the family surname)

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    Mustafa ali

    People say you cant alone put mustafa as a name it should be with gulam or muhammad. I want to know if i can use only mustafa ali as ali is my husband name

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    Jess khan

    Please can I ask if my sons name is wrong and if so how I should spell and if it heavy on him as he is always Very poorly. My sons name is Mustafah Mohammed.
    Please you can reply via email and guide me what I should do

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