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    Is hoorain a islamic name and what does it mean?

    Can it be used for baby girl?

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    Wat is hurain meaning and tel me iss hurain Quranic word wat z hurain meaning I want to keep my baby name hurain

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    Is hoorain a islamic name and what does it mean?

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    Abdur Rehman

    i need to know the meaning of below names of baby girl, kindly advice me ASAP.





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    Hoorain/Hurain seems to be a mix of Hur (plural of Houri, a woman of Paradise) and ain (“one who has beautiful black eyes”).

    The actual phrase in the Quran Hoorin `een (used three times in the Quran). Hoorain/Hurain is likely a simplification of this phrase, and therefore it means “women of Paradise with large beautiful black eyes”.

    The phrase is not exactly grammatically correct in Arabic, but it makes sense in Persian, Urdu and similar languages. Therefore the name can be considered a Persian/Urdu name made up of Arabic words.

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    Hoorain akram

    I would like to now the meaning of hoorain in quran and tel me is it ok to keep my daughter name

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    Asalaam u Alaikum,

    Please suggest,
    I want to know, Meaning of Hurrain
    Can i have my Baby Boy Name as Hurrain


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    Haris Saeed

    Please urgently inform if “Hoorain” will be correct name for baby girl. Also what will be its meanings and how we will write it in urdu

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    I want to know meaning of hurain

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    Hoorin’een quran mn kahan par aya hai please bta dyn

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    Hoorin een

    Hoorineen in which para plz telme

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    Qurrath -ul -ain is mentioned in quran .
    But I dont remember in which para

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    Hurain/Hoorain.اردو میں اسکو حورین لکھیں گے یا حورعین اور ان دونوں کا مطلب کیا ایک ہی ہوگا ۔

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