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    S. Wakkas

    We wish to InshaAllah name our daughter Anayah. However, since “AIEN” isn’t used in English, it will generally be pronounced as Anayah – with an “ALIF”, instead of an “AIEN”. This changes the root structure from “AIEN-NUN-ALIF” to “ALIF-NUN-ALIF”. Now we’re trying to understand how does that change the meaning of the name?
    Q1) As mentioned by you on, how can “AIEN-NUN-ALIF” also be mentioned as “AIEN-NUN-WOW”?
    Q2) How has the “indirect meaning” for Anaya eventually ended up to mean “care”, “protection”, “diligence”? We fail to understand where this has come from?
    Q3) What does the name “ALIF-NUN-ALIF” mean?
    Requesting your guidance, JazakAllah kher.

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