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Salaam Alaik fellow Umma. My wife is pregnant with a baby girl please help me in prayer so she and her baby will come out healthy Inshaa Alllah.

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  1. on Tuesday 14th of October 2014 03:17:16 AM

    Allah asaani ka maamla farmae. Ameen.

  2. on Wednesday 29th of October 2014 07:19:04 PM

    Wa’Alaikum Assalam brother. Congratulations. May Allah bless your wife & child good health and keep them safe from evil eyes and ease the delivery. I know you would be having a mixed feelings of excitement & nervousness. Alhamdulillah my wife delivered a baby girl, now she is a month old do pray for us as well. I would recommend you to install the Android App “I’m Expecting” and “Pregnancy” which will provide you the tips & info through out the pregnancy. Its very useful. All the best! Allah Hafiz…

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