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i want to know about the name ruzain for boy and Aleesha for girl. i found the name RUZAIN is from french arabic origin and RUZAINAH was the name of the freed slave girl of sayyeda safiya RA wife of prophet. i want to know whether i can use this name for a boy as Ruzain and what is its meaning? can muslims use the names from french arabic origin. also is Aleesha a muslim name? what is Aleesha mean? please help and do not post my question on site.


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Ruzain is the diminutive form of Razeen, the same way Husain is the diminutive form of Hasan. Razeen has a good meaning ("calm", "composed", "well-balanced") and is also the name of one of the Sahaba (Razeen bin Anas bin `Aamir), and Ruzain has the same meaning as Razeen. Since the meaning is good, Ruzain is an acceptable name for a Muslim child. The format of the name is usually used for boys (same as Husain and Umair), for this reason there is no issue with using it for a boy. The word Ruzain may be used often by people from French-Arabi cultures, but it is not from French-Arabic origins, it is a standard Arabic word from the R-Z-N root.

Muslims can use names from any origin as long as the names have a good meaning.

Aleesha might be another form of Alicia, which is an acceptable name: // The name may also be from other origins. If you'd like us to research the name further for you, let us know.

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  1. on Sunday 5th of July 2015 11:35:56 AM

    Arabic meaning of name Ruzain and Islamic meaning

  2. on Tuesday 29th of December 2015 04:14:55 PM

    what is the meaning of name ruzain can i use
    syed muhammad ruzain uddin

  3. on Sunday 22nd of May 2016 07:53:12 AM

    please tell me the meaning of arabic name ‘Shawaiz’ for a boy
    i want to know detail about it

  4. on Sunday 26th of June 2016 11:43:25 PM

    Please tell me the meaning of ruzain Mohammed can I use it for my baby boy.
    Does the name Ruzain is from Quran. Yes or no please let me know..

  5. on Sunday 10th of September 2017 03:09:08 AM

    Can I use Mu’sab bin Ruzain for my upcoming baby ? As far I know Ruzain is one of sahabas name

  6. on Sunday 2nd of September 2018 01:59:21 PM

    Please tell me this name meenig Abdul Hasan Mohamed Ruzain
    Mohamed Ruzain
    Mohamed Ruzain Ruzain

  7. on Tuesday 18th of September 2018 10:45:06 AM

    Please tell me this name meaning Mohammad Ruzain

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