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A Quranic Name for Boys

How to pronounce Nuh

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Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.
Arabic Spelling (How to write Nuh in Arabic)نُوْح
Quranic Nature
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Indirectly Mentioned
Alternate spellings of NuhNooh Noh Noah Nouh Nuhe Nouhe Noohe
All of the above spellings are acceptable for this name. You may also create your own spelling.

Meaning of Nuh

Nuh is a direct Quranic name for boys that refers to one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran, peace be upon him. Nuh is known as Noah in the English-speaking world. The meaning of Nuh is not known for certain. According to the Bible it means “rest”, “freedom from worry”. Nuh is mentioned about 43 times in the Quran.

Allah did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of ‘Imran above all people. (Quran 3:33)

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Reader Comments:

  1. on Saturday 22nd of October 2016 07:24:27 PM

    My son’s name is Nuh, its hard for English speakers to pronounce it properly so they call him Noah

  2. on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 11:13:57 AM

    Salam can we name my son NOAH
    instead of nun


  3. on Wednesday 29th of August 2018 11:15:26 AM

    my eldest daughter is called Ayla and my youngest Is called Leila we have a son named after the prophet Adam but I was wondering if you could name your son noah instead of nuh so its easier to pronounce

  4. on Tuesday 4th of September 2018 09:47:00 AM

    I was wondering would it be haram to give my son the spelling Noah instead of nuh

  5. on Tuesday 4th of September 2018 11:27:48 AM

    I know there is a lot of these questions but is it allowed to name my son Noah after the prophet instead of nuh as it’ll be easier to pronounce or shall that be haram

  6. on Wednesday 5th of September 2018 03:30:41 PM

    Is it haram to give my son the spelling Noah instead of nuh

  7. on Thursday 13th of September 2018 03:07:11 PM

    I am wondering like all the others
    Is it allowed to name my son Noah instead of nuh to make it easier to pronounce

  8. on Monday 17th of September 2018 03:39:23 PM


    This is urgent

    I need to know the spelling
    Please may I name my son Noah instead of nuh as I live in a English area and need to have a easy to pronounce name

  9. on Thursday 27th of September 2018 06:34:39 AM

    I don’t wanna start spamming your website yh but like u need to respond to the nuh to Noah thing

  10. on Saturday 29th of September 2018 09:48:41 AM

    If you’d all read this all properly it says you can name your son Noah
    So stop spamming this chat

  11. on Saturday 29th of September 2018 09:49:37 AM

    It clearly says Noah is an acceptable name
    Name number three for alternative spellings
    You guys

  12. on Saturday 24th of November 2018 10:17:22 AM

    Can I name my son Noah
    Instead of nuh or will it ruin the mean8nt

  13. on Sunday 3rd of March 2019 08:45:57 AM

    So can I just get this straight it is not bad or haram to name my child the name NOAH and use the pronouncination of the name as NOAH as well.

  14. on Sunday 3rd of March 2019 08:46:52 AM

    Noah is the first different spelling of nooh so I’m naming my baby boy Noah.

  15. on Saturday 8th of June 2019 08:41:46 AM

    Well. Spelling variations may occur. But sometime name are spelled in other langauges differently Ex. Essa or jesus. Or Daud for David . These are prophetic names.

  16. on Monday 22nd of July 2019 09:10:33 AM

    Can I nam my son Noah and pronounce it Noah

  17. on Monday 22nd of July 2019 09:11:01 AM

    Noah is acceptabl for pronounciation as well as spelling ?

  18. on Tuesday 20th of August 2019 03:25:01 PM

    To all thos using the spelling NOAH, the name must be pronounced as nuh

  19. on Friday 30th of August 2019 11:45:51 AM

    Please don’t charge the pronunciation of the names of the Prophets.

  20. on Sunday 7th of November 2021 12:59:17 AM

    What’s the full meaning of nuh please. That’s my name when I get here I’m confused

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