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Assalamualaikum please tell me the meanings of the names Shezneen (girl) Shabana (girl) Shifaq (boy) Thank you


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Shezneen is not Arabic or Persian, I do not have any information on it.

Shabana is a variant of Shabanu, a Persian name that means "queen-like", "royal woman", "noble", "leader". It is formed from Sha (king) and Banu (wise and powerful woman), its literal meaning is "the best of the best women". Shabana can be pronounced [(SH)op + m(A)n] + [(BA)nd] + [(NU)mber], or any other way you like.

Shifaq is a variant of Shafaq, which means "twilight", the purplish red light that you see in the sky after sunset, or before sunrise. Shafaq is a direct Quranic name (mentioned in Quran 84:16), while Shifaq can be considered an indirect Quranic name. How you pronounce it is up to you, you can pronounce it Shifaq with a short "a" in the end, or as Shifaaq. Emphasis is on the second syllable.

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  1. on Thursday 4th of June 2015 11:08:47 PM

    Shabana means someone who flirts in the night, or lady of the night. Therefore, I do not think that it is a suitable name for a girl.
    Hope this helps someone.

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