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Information on the names : Mahroush, Ramsha, Alishba, Simra. Are these names right from Islamic view ? Please suggest. Thank You


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The Mahroush name that's found on many Islamic sites isn't actually Arabic or related to Islam at all. It comes from Mah, which in many Persian/Central Asian languages means "moon", and Rosh, about which I am not certain, but  may come from Roo, i.e. face, appearance. So the meaning would be "moonlike in appearance", or from Ravesh, which means behavior, way of life.

The meaning is good so it can be used by Muslims, but it doesn't have a meaning related to Islam or the Quran.

Mahroosh in Arabic is also a word that means hunted through trickery, rough in behavior, provoked, and a forested area of land. It is not used in the Quran. I have seen it used as a family name by some Arabs, but haven't seen it used as a baby name. If you like it you can use this as a name as well, though the Arabic meaning isn't as good as the Persian one.

Ramshaa is an Arabic word, a baby girl name, that means a person who has long eye-lashes, and a person who has an admirable character. It is not used in the Quran directly or indirectly, but the meaning is good so you can use it as a name.

There is no Arabic or Islamic name like Alishba. I found it on some Urdu websites, and it seems to be a mispronunciation of Aalishobh. In Urdu and Farsi and Arabic Aali means high, superb, and shobh means likeness, appearance. So the meaning of Alishobh would become good-looking, pretty in Urdu and Farsi, but in Arabic it doesn't make sense. One website said that Alishba is a Hebrew word that means pretty. It could also mean "Like Ali", i.e. like Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, who was one of the rashed caliphs.

If you want to use Alishba itself, just know that it is not an Arabic or Islamic name, but if the meaning is good then you can use it freely. Same for Alishobh.

For Simrah please see this answer: What is the meaning of name Simrah? is it islamic name

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