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I'd firstly like to thank the team for an absolutely delightful website of Quranic names! JazakAllah for that.

I'm expecting a baby and really liked the name Jazaa which means reward. My question was, has this word always been used positively in the Quran - like in Surah Rahman - Has the Jazaa for all the good been anything but good? Or has it also been used to mean something like "repayment - as The Jazaa of evil is evil?"

Plainly put - has it always been used positively or even negatively / as a warning?

Could you also please help me with the meanings of Razaan,Zaaviyaan and Rushda.


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Jazaa is used both to mean reward and punishment, and sometimes it is used neutrally.As you said, its meaning is "repayment", or "recompense".
Rushda seems to be the feminized form of Rushd, which means "maturity", "well-guidedness".
As for the other two names, I will have to research their various possible meanings and origins. We charge a small fee for research (since it is very time-consuming), therefore if you'd like us to research these two names for you, let us know and insha'Allah we will send you the details regarding payment.


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