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    Hello Brother,
    can you tell me the exact meaning of name ZUNAISHA.
    Also tell me about its origin?
    Can i name my child?

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    Unfortunately we do not have any information on a name like Zunaisha. There is another page on our site where the reader comments say it means “bright flower” or “flower of heaven”, but we cannot verify this. If you can provide us with the Arabic/Urdu spelling we will try to research it more insha’Allah.

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    My name is ZUNAISHA and the meaning that my mother told me is:Light spreads everywhere.I hope you can use this information to update your meaning on Zunaisha. Thank you.

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    My name is Zunaishia with an ia at the end and i was told my name was Persian and that it meant the radiance of the moon.

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    Can anyone tell me the name of “Zunaisha” written in urdu …..Thanks

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    Zonesha. ..

    My name is zoensha.. can anyone tell me the exact Meaning of my name😕

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    Send me complete biogrophy and detail of meaning zunaisha plz

    Send me detail of meaning zunaisha
    Word of which language?
    Impacts of meaning on personality.

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    Ibn ahmed

    Your name is not arabic

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