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    Shahram A.

    I do not have much education. I only got a bachelor in engineering, a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), & a Post-Doctoral Degree. That’s all. Anyway, one day I came across your website. I was excited to see if my name was in your database. I searched Shahram, and it came up: A Muslim baby name. Just by reading that one sentence, it suddenly came to me: you, your researchers, and “fact checkers” must at least have one or more of the following intellectual/mental or educational conditions:
    You are either illiterates, bigots, or attempting to change the history. First: What does it mean “a Muslim Name” ? Your relate names to different languages or a geographical area of the world, not to a religion. And as much as you would like or as big as a hard-on you have to bring Iran, Iranians, & the Farsi language & drag it thru mud, it will not happen. Shahram is in old Farsi language. For those of you who are still oblivious to what these mean, here is a crash course. The word Iran in Sanskrit, means “the origin of the Aryan”. The real Aryans, not assholes like Hitler. He used this approach because you cannot go back thousands of years and find tribes that were such amazingly intelligent people for their time. First one to ride horses. The very tie you are wearing originated from these people. And bad news for you, as much as you bust your ass trying to poison the media otherwise, Iranians are not Arabs. They are ARYANS. I know that pisses off people like you. That’s why I’m rubbing it in. The name Shahram was around at least, a 1000 years before Islam came into being a religion. Shahram is an Aryan Name, I know, it hurts, sorry. And it means “Tamed by the king”. Unfortunately, it is morons like you that give America, the greatest country in the world, a bad name. I am an American-Iranian. However, my loyalty is only with our great nation, America. Iran is my homeland, that is all. Therefore, it really makes me sad that there are ignorant folks like you who have the ability to poison the media, in hopes of a person believing the nonsense you put out. Grow up for the love of god. You will get nowhere acting ignorant. You are the very virus that has infected this great nation. Again, just to recap: Iran=Aryan ; Shahram is an Aryan name. It is not a “MUSLIM” name, whatever that means. I have a recommendation for you, the owner, and your staff. An exciting career in HVAV from ITT Tech. However, I have a feeling you may fail at that as well. Well, there is always McDonald’s. Let’s see if you have the courage to respond to this question & resolve it. I have a feeling that I will get an automated response. That is sad. I am just so proud of myself because, I am willing to defend the noble and great name of our America against any negativity, more than you people. And I was not even born here. I hate to say it and be rude but, you go fuck yourselves.
    Shame on you.

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