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    Salam, is Olivia a accepted name for a muslim girl? Wani to give this name to my daughter Inshalah

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    Rishma sahani

    I want to know wther olivia is a muslim name. and can i keep that name for my baby

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    Is Olivia a accepted name for a Muslim girl ? What is that mean ?

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    I would like to know if Olivia is an acceptable Muslim name as I’m looking to convert however I would like to keep my name. Thank you!

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    Mohammed Abdurrahman

    Olivia is 100% and expectable name, my dad is a sheikh for my local masjid and named one of my twin sisters Olivia. I have also searched about it and everywhere i looked (on the web) has showed that it is an acceptable name. Finally i would like to say mashallah for you to find the right path sister.

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    Samia hasan

    Is olivia a muslim name? What is that mean?

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