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    I am blessed with a lovely daughter and I am willing to give her a unique name. I’ve recently come across the name zaisha/zysha and I would like to enquire if it is permissible for me to name her with it.

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    Asad Mehmood

    Wa Alaikum us Salaam

    Dear Shaista,

    My Daughter name is Zaisha and name meaning (Valuable and Special) and 5th years old .. Zayesha and Zaisha same word in urdu you can check in internet Zayesha word ..

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    Can any one tell me if “Zaisha or Zayesha” is an arabic name and how do you write/spell it in arabic?

    Jazakallah Khair…

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    Zohra Makhani

    Please tell me meaning of zaisha.

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    Muhammad Shahzad


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    I need to know exact meaning of Zayesha .. Pleasehelp me with this.

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    Khalik miah

    tell me what is meaning of “Zaisha ?????

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    zeisha or zaisha or zysha i need exact meaning of these 3 names in arabic


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    I love this name zaisha.. any one knows the meaning?? In arabic or urdu

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    Meaning of zaisha? Is this name good for the name of February ?

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    Meaning of zaisha? Is this name good for the month of February ?

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    is it permissible

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    I love this name zaisha.. any one knows the meaning?? In arabic or urdu

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    Please tell me the meaning for name zaisha

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    Zaisha name meaning

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    Zaisha Rahman

    It means beloved

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    Please tell me exact meaning of Zaisha and correct spelling for it

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    There is no such thing as good luck, bad luck, abshagun, shagun, as well as even there is no such thing in Islam related to effectivity of birth-months or birth timing of zodiac to someone
    The word Zayesha, as shown on internet, almost on every website, is Valuable or Precious.

    Kindly remove myths and superstitions from the mind, as it is against our Prophet’s orders.

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