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    Salaam fellow Brothers & Sisters in Islam

    I had stumbled upon your website for names for our child. I saw the name Taaliah & start liking it.

    My query is, if we are to change the spelling to Taaleia instead, would the meaning change as well? We are considering to call her Leia too in short. In your previous post, another sister had posted her concern behind the name Liyah/Liyaa’/Liya too. But, if with the spelling of Leia, would it change the whole meaning altogether or remain the same meaning as Liya?

    Seek your advise, please.

    Thank you.



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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Arabic names can be spelled in any way the parents desire. For example the name Muhammad is written in a dozen or so different ways, and this does not change the meaning. Therefore you can spell Taaliah however you wish, for example Taliah, Talya, Taliyah, Talea, Taleia, etc.

    The same applies to Leia/Liya, you may spell it the way you like.


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    Would like to know since the root of Taaliah is T-L-A, does the name Talaiya have the same meaning?

    Taliaya pronounced Ta- la (lay)- ya (YUm)


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