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    My wife and I are looking for a baby girl’s name with a good Quranic meaning.

    We really like your website because of the way you clearly describe the spelling, pronunciation, Quranic root and meaning in Arabic and Quran.

    Can you please also provide the same level of detail for the name “IZNA”? My wife and I really like the name but are not able to find a website that describes the meaning as well as you do.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Can you please provide some detail on where you heard this name and what language you think it belongs to? There is an Arabic word izn (which can also be written as idhn), which means “permission”, and it is possible to feminize this into iznah, which will still keep the meaning of “permission”. We have not seen this used as a name by Arabs, whether in masculine or the feminine form.


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    Aslam’alaikum, I also want to know its meanings. I read somewhere that it means Light? Can you please provide its detail?

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    Suhail Ahmed

    Izna Quranic And Islamic Name meaning Of IZNA

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    izna is tarah likhein ( iznah: اِذنہ ) tou yeh Arbi lafz hai is ki meaning “Khuwahish” hai.

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    Nadir Tarafdar

    Kindly reply wheather itz arabic or quranic name or not and what is the meaning of this name

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    Hi could you please provide me the meaning of IZWA in Arabic. I want to wheather it’s an Arabic name

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    Muhammad ejaz

    Izna is quranic and muslim girl name

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    Please confirm this is Quranic name

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    assalamu alaikum

    i am ajmal . our babygirl name is fathima izna . now we confused about this name “izna” because some says this name is not arabic meaning and . is it true ? and we need to change the name izna? please reply

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