IS "zunairah Rahman" a good name?

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    Saifur Rahman

    As-salamu walaikum,

    i make my daughter name “”zunairah Rahman”. “Rahman” after “Zunairah”. is “rahmna” is suitable after “Zunairah”?


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    Assalamu alaikum,

    Rahman is considered a synonym of Allah, thus your own name Saifur Rahman means “sword of God”. But there is no interaction between the two names Zunairah Rahman, therefore it is like naming her “Zunairah God”. If Rahman is a family name then it is acceptable, but if it is part of the girl’s own name, it may not be. Please ask a knowledgeable scholar for a definite answer.

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    is zunairah good name for girl?

    Is zunairah good name for girl?

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    Yes it is a good name. You can read its details here: Zunairah

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