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    Assalamu Alaikum
    I’m a girl of age 27 and I want to change my name. Is “Mabrurah Ghaneem” ok? Please suggest.

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    Mabrurah Ghaneem is an allowed name. Some scholars would not recommend Mabrurah since it comes from the B-R-R root and the Prophet (PBUH) changed a girl’s name (Barrah) which comes from the same root.

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    Thank you so much. i was so happy to see your reply! i dont understand this ROOT thing. i mean i guess Bareera has got the same root as Mabrurah. But unlike Barrah or Mabrurah, it is acceptable and was the name of a Sahabiya. Nobody objected to that i think. anyways, i know i am lacking somewhere in the knowledge that you people or the scholars have. I have resolved to another name. “Aalifa Ghaneem”….Is it recommended?? thanks for your help.

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    I do not know of any Sahaba named Mabrur or Sahabiyya named Mabrura, if this is indeed the case then you can use the name without any worry.

    Aalifa Ghaneem is an acceptable name.

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