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    I used this website to name my son and daughters
    I also used it to give ideas to name family

    I chose the names Aidan, Ava and Ayla as the website said these names where allowed

    My father and mother in law met their grandchildren for the first time yesterday
    They were unaware of their names and got very angry
    Saying Aidan,Ava and Ayla are haram names and that we have to get them changed
    Are they haram names becuas I don’t want my children to live in sin. I’m pregnant with baby #4 and was planning to name it Eliza/Aliza bit will not as father in law claims it is a haram name

    Do I need to change my children’s name

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    Salam sister

    I’m also having theses problems my daughters are called

    AMELIA,SOPHIA,ISABELLA. And my son like yours is called Aidan.

    As a child I always wanted an English name and was delighted when these names were allowed and was happy to giv my children these names.

    But my father in law also hates these names and thinks they are haram
    I know they aren’t but I don’t want my sons to be living in sin


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    Salam sisters

    There is no haram name as long as it has a good meaning
    All your names are fine

    I just have to comment tho my son is also Aidan and my daughters are Hannah and Ava!

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    I’m concerned on how English you sisters have named your children
    These names are acceptable however it’ll be nicer and more respectful if you chose religious names


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    I don’t believe there are haram names unless they have a bad meaning or a one of the 99 names of allah swt

    My children are called
    Aidan( there is some kind of thing going on coz everyone is calling their son Aidan) Jacob, Ava(coincidence again and ria

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    Salam sisters and brothers

    I get this issue so much

    Alhamdullila I am the proud mama of three sets of twins

    My eldest girls Layla and hana, then my daughter Isla and son Noah, and sons sammi and Daniel

    I have been criticised but learn not to do anything

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    I wish my mum gave me a normal name like this

    I love Isabella, Ava and Sophia and Amelia

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    OMG I’m havin this problem too
    My father in law met my little princess who I named Aariyah and he totally flipped refusing to talk to his son and me, he totally offended me saying my daughter will live in sin AND he broke my little 3 year olds heart because her grandad refused to have anything to do with her. It’s bang out of order!

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    Salam I am having the same problem as well! What is up with the world being so damn criticall. Family should be there to accept you not to deny you!

    My two are Calle Leena and Iyla.
    Why don’t they get this not all Muslim names have to be a khadeja or zainab ?

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    Allah has stated in the Quran that there is no haram name as such
    However if the name has a bad meaning ie. Meaning dog. Or I’d it includes one of allahs 99 names. Then it is not acceptable.
    Allah has given preferable names but as long the name has a good name is acceptable.

    My two are called Jumana and Maariyah and my hubbys side did not take the names too well. And Nia I totally agree about not all Muslims names have to be full on Islamic names.

    Best of all is to ignore negativity in the world

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    Being a child when no one in school or any of my friends could pronounce my name, I decided to chose a non Islamic name for my child. Which my local iman approved on. I chose Saarah which does have its meaning in Arabic but is easy to pronounce and not heavy on h or k.
    All through out my daughters 3 years on the planet the name choice has been criticised and eyes have been rolled when they call her, hurtful.
    When I had my son I Just named him Yahya to save all criticism.

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    I have an amara and a sumah and my family have never lived down to their names and call them Amirah and Sumaiyah

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    Omg this is so true my little man ayman turned three last weeek so we surprised mil and fil to morroco to visit them because they haven’t seen Ayman at all. They flipped, ruined my holiday. Am deciding to call princess in my tummy sumaiya or Fatima or something like that.

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    I think we all are suffering from the same problem here!
    Allah has stated in the Quran that all names are acceptable as long as 1. They are not any of the 99 names of his glorious names, 2. They must not have any bad meanings.

    I have 2 daughters, Alayna and Lamaisah and a son called Daniyal.
    My family have decided to call Alayna- Zainab. Lamaisah- Ruqaya and Daniyal Muhammad.

    I understand the whole thing behind Islamic names but they can’t just rename my kids names

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    Honestly this is the reason why my kids are called Yahya and Eesa!

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    I used this website to name my son, I found the prophet name “Nuh” but used Noah instead. And now his name is always constantly getting criticised by family!

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