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    Can I call my daughter Ella or Elle? Would this pass as a muslim name?

    I was thinking maybe – Elle Noor as 2 names?


    Adarsh Mehta

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    Elena Miah

    Of course, you can name your daughter Ella. Ella is a name that I’m considering to name my daughter. Unfortunately, I have done my research and found out, that it is a ‘HINDU’ baby name. Hence, it is your choice what to name your child, but my suggestion is, not to name your child Ella, as my dreams have been shattered, due to myself thinking of this name, for a VERY LONG TIME!

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    Ella is in the Quran. Look up surah Rahman

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    I go by Ella and most people assume it means I’m Hispanic because they assume it is short for Gabriella or Isabella.

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    Ella is in the Quran, Surah Rahman.. a lot of people spell it like this in English, because Alaa is often mistaken for the male Arabic name.

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    Hi my name is Ella. It is a Muslim name and it has an absolutely beautiful meaning! It means blessings from Allah. I love my name hopefully l helped you out a bit. 🙂

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    Where can I find evidence of Ella being a Muslim name please?

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    My daughter is named Ella it is the good name

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    My daughter name Ella evry day I’m thinking for change this name please I’m Muslim this name is good for my daughter

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