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    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatuulah wa barakatuh..

    i plan to name my future baby with one of this two names.

    if boy, Abdullah Dain
    Dain had similar meaning with dai’e right? which mean caller/preacher.
    are the spelling correct?

    if girl, Maryam Mumtaz.
    is Mumtaz okay to be named on girl baby?

    And are the combination of both name ok? jazakallahkhaer for your help.

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

    Dain, written as داعٍ in Arabic, would mean “a preacher”. The word is made up of Daa’ (“preacher”) and in (“a”). This is an acceptable name, though the format is rare.

    Mumtaz is acceptable for a girl. The combinations are acceptable as well.

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    Plz tell me that the name Muhammad Shehzil is ok or not.

    We have named our baby boy Muhammad Shehzil now he is 1 month old

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    Ehtesham Ameen


    I want to name my Girl as ” Hezlin”. Kindly help me thats its islamic name or not.

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