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    I have kept my son name Aayaan,can you please tell me it has good meaning i cannt change it know and i am worried.

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    Aayaan is an acceptable name. Please see this page for its meaning: Aayaan

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    Thank you very much.

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    I have seen Ayan(Aayaan) is, what time is the Day of Judgment
    it doesnt seen to have good meaning because it is the judgment day.I am confused in Persian it is different but we should only seee in quran. can you pls clarify me. thanks

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    If you pronounce it as Aayaan, it is a Persian name and has no relationship with the Arabic name Ayan which means “when”, “what time”.

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    I have found a way to change the name.But I don’t know what to do I want your opinion on it should I keep it or change it.(I know it’s up to me).I have heard it has different meaning in different language.I don’t care about other language if it is said in quran.I want my son to be blessed by Allah and be happy. Thanks

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    My name is Sara. I am confused because my name spelling is not correct and also I think there is no such name as Sara. What shall is do now. Do you think I should change it to Sarah?

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    I know my name is that way too.If you can change you can if your are grown up then it will be difficult I guess.

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    @Sister: Can you please explain what your issue now is?

    @Sara: There are various names that can be spelled as Sara, and all of them are acceptable. Please type Sara in the search box for more information.

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    what does exactly “long night means in name Aayaan”

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    It means a night that has a long duration, such as during the months of winter in many parts of the world.

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    What is the different between Direct Quranic names and Indirect quranic name,Thanks.

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    “Direct” means the name is seen in the Quran, while indirect means the name itself is not in the Quran, but its “root” is in the Quran.

    For example Ahmad is in the Quran, while its feminine form Hamdaa is not. Hamdaa is derived from Ahmad. Ahmad is a direct Quranic name, while Hamdaa is indirect.

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    Samia Ahmed

    I have kept my daughter name Ayah,can you please tell me. I like name called Ayah good meaning. I am confused in Indian it is different meaning in different language.

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