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    Please can you let me know if the following names are acceptable for my son to be:


    If you know of any other suitable names that are modern I would be very grateful.

    Kind regards


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    Shayan and Shaidan are acceptable names. As for Kaiden, we have no information on this name.

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    Assalamu Alaikum

    I have put the name for my newly born baby as Mohamed Fazza, which is acceptable means. Please let me know the correct meaning of it.

    Zazakkumullahu khairan

    Bro, Abdul KATHIR

    Pls. don’t publish and send reply to given maid id.

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    May I know what is the meaning of Haydan/Haydaan/Hayden please. And whether this is an acceptable name for a Muslim boy. I’ve read on websites that it is one of the 313 names of the messenger of Allah, but couldnt find any meaning for it. Jazakallah khair.

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    Mohamed Fazza

    Assalamu alaikum
    Dear brother

    I would like to name my baby as Mohamed Fazza
    Will you pls help me by providing more details and meaning of Fazza and the origin of it and can we keep this name

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    Hydan Abdul rahman


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    I would like to name my son Hayden. Whats the meaning of it ?

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    Hayden comes from the name meaning a brush from a Valley.
    I do believe. In character of fun, creativity. It is also considered that Hayden is to bring clarity to a person with a confused mindset.

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