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    Is Xavier/Zavier a Muslim name?
    What about Asher?
    Can I use Nuh and Noah?
    Is Gabriel a Muslim name?
    What about Elias?
    I love Xander too.
    Do you like Aza and how would you pronounce it?
    How would you pronounce Isiah and is it Muslim?
    How would you pronounce Sabir?
    Do you like Zafar?
    Would use Zafira, Sahara and Sahar for girls?
    Inshallah somebody will answer.

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    Hello my dear my name is Zayn an I’m a girl who’s 12 my lovey and all those names u said are not for muslims how silly are you for not knowing that ????

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    Asher/Ashar is a Muslim name for boys. This name is also used in other cultures and could have different meanings. In urdu dictionary the meaning is : a person who likes poetry and a person who has long hair.

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