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    I would like to know if Audriana has an arabic meaning to name my baby girl..

    Thank you in advance.


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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah, I do not know of any Arabic name like Audriana. The name seems to be a combination of the two Western names Audrey and Adriana or Ariana, or simply an elaboration of Audrey. Audrey means “noble strength”, which is a good meaning, therefore the name and any names derived from it are acceptable for Muslim children. Adriana means “woman from the Adriatic region”, which is an acceptable meaning. Ariana is the Italian form of Ariadne, which is a figure from classical Greek mythology and the name has a meaning like “holy”. Since this is related to pagan mythology, it is questionable for a Muslim to use it. However, there is also the Persian name Ariana, which is the feminine form of Arian/Aryan, which means “noble”, “excellent”. Therefore if Audriana is a derivation of Adriana or (the Persian) Ariana, then in this way too it is an acceptable name for a Muslim child.

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    Please can you providing me with an Islamic meaning for this name

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    Assalamualaikum. i am muslim. can i use the name ‘Audry’ for my baby girl? is it acceptable for a muslim baby? thank you.

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