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    So basically it wasn’t till recently I found out there are such things as haram names
    Or bad names
    My children are called Hayden,Kayla,Avery and Ezra
    And I’m expecting at the end of October I’ll be giving birth
    However my DH has completely scaled me saying our babies are going to hell
    You are going there to for naming them bad names
    Can you tell me the meaning of their names pls
    Also my hubby wants me to name my new son Mohammed Adam Isa ibraheem Dawud
    Don’t you think this is weird as my children are
    Hayden Austin Eliot Parker
    Kayla Anna Piper May
    Avery Rose Harper May
    Ezra Damian Mathias Parker

    Plz help not long left
    Am scared gonna go hell with babies because of the name dialect
    Please reply

    TIA 💓

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    It’s kind weird to name your child all these prophet names
    My brothers and sisters are Dayan and Zain alaya Adam Aidan alayna and my mum is having quadruplets
    So excited for it

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