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    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    i am looking for some nice islamic/Muslium name for my daughter.i like name Ranya(rania).

    .Can i Consider this name for my daughter as good name n meaning.
    .i saw that Hindu also named their girl Rania…So it is allowed that” Musliums Can also named same name as hindu do”??
    .i know the arabic spelling of name rania is like رانية .but can you tel how we write in urdu??(رانیا رانیہ)….or they are written same way in both languages.
    .Finally i asked from some mufti they said its meaning is “gaze”….but from your site i came to know its also meaning “winner”, “one who triumphs”, “victor”, “successful….Which is correct meaning??

    i hope u clarify my each question.

    i am very thankful to you

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    Rania is an Arabic name that means “one who has a loving gaze” (full article here).

    The fact that non-Muslims use this name (or a name sounding like it) does not create any problems. This is an Arabic word from Arabic roots and has nothing to do with the languages of India. As for the Urdu spellings, both are acceptable, since it is common practice to change the spelling of a word when creating a name (i.e. the spelling of the name is not required to be the same as the standard spelling of the word).

    All of the meanings mentioned on our site are correct. One word can have many different meanings.

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