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    Dear Muslim friends,

    I am expecting a baby boy Alhamdulillah and I really need your advice on the name: ” Aaren, Aaron, Aroon, Aren, Aron” and the likes of it in pronunciation.

    I would appreciate whatever information you can give about this name and if it’s a Muslim name?

    I researched some other Muslim sites where I found authentic info that this name is the English format of the Islamic name “Haroon”

    So can I keep this name for my Muslim child?

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    Yes Aaron is Muslim name. Mubarak on having a child.

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    My husband and I chose the name Aaron. However, he thought replacing the O with a Y looks nicer and modern. If it has a Y, is it still associated with prophet Aaron? I don’t want to lose that direct association.

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    Is hazril a muslim name? does it has a meaning?

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