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A Non-Quranic Name for Boys and Girls

How to pronounce Fatin


Each block is a syllable. Thick black border indicates stress/emphasis. Other pronunciations are acceptable.

This is NOT a Quranic name, but Muslims can use it since it has a good or neutral meaning.

Meaning of Fatin

Fatin, pronounced as (FA)r + (TIN), could be two different names,one of which is not good, and the other is good.

The first one, which is more common (though less good) is spelled as فاتن in Arabic and the meaning is “woman who causes fitnah” (thus it comes from fitnah, which means trials and hardship and misguidance). It means a woman who is so beautiful and seductive that she lures men to herself and makes them abandon their morals. This name, even though it comes from a Quranic root, is not recommended and some scholars say it is forbidden, since it contains an un-Islamic meaning. This name has another version in Fatinah, pronounced as (FA)r + (TI)n + (NU)mber.

The good version of Fatin has the exact same pronunciation in English as the above one, but in Arabic it is a completely different name spelled as فاطن, with a heavy “t” that English speakers don’t pronounce. This Fatin means “intelligent”, “clever”, “perceptive”, “wise”. This name can be used for both boys and girls (unlike the “bad” Fatin which can only be used for girls). There is a specifically female version of this name, Fatinah, pronounced the same as the one mentioned above. This “good” version of Fatin/Fatinah is not from the Quran, but it is an acceptable name for Muslims since the meaning is good. Fatin can also be spelled as Faatin, Phatin. Fatinah can also be spelled as Fatina, Faatina, Phatina.

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