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Question and Answer Policy

Before asking a question, please take the following points into consideration to ensure that you will receive an answer:

  • We will not answer duplicate questions. If you ask about the meaning of Zimal or Ayana, you will not receive an answer because we already have many answers about these names. Use the search box to make sure that your question is not duplicate. (However if you ask about a particular issue related to Zimal or Ayana that hasn’t been dealt with in previous answers, then we will provide an answer)
  • Please do not ask about names matching another name, or matching the parents’ names. It is up to you to find matching names, there are no scientific criteria for this, it is all personal choice.
  • Please do not ask for names starting with “A”, “B”, etc. We only answer questions about specific names and issues.
  • Please do not ask about the “lucky number”, future potential, personality, etc. of a name, or what name is best for this time of the year or according to the position of the stars, the child’s birthday, or the parents’ birthdays. Islam does not recognize any of these things, these are all folk myths that are opposed to the Oneness of God in Islam. All power and destiny are in the hands of God, not in numbers and stars.
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