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Can you please give me a list of Sahabi (companions) of the Prophet SAW?


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Update: Also check out our new list with full names and meanings: Long list of Sahabi names with meanings (Companions of the Prophet Muhammad). The two lists may not have the same exact names, for this reason it may be best to look at both the list below and the new list.
Here is a list of names with meanings of some of the Prophet's companions, peace and blessings of Allah upon him and his family and companions:
Akhdar (green color)
Ahwas (stable, firm)
Akhnas (lion)
Adraa (second half of the month, person who wears armor)
Arqam (snake)
Azraq (the color blue)
Asfaa (eagle, dark maroon color)
Asqaa (raven, faraway from enemies and wicked people)
Aswad (the color black)
Baraa (healed, innocent and blameless)
Harith (cultivator)
Hasan and Husain (handsome, good)
Zubair (wise, intelligent, strong)
Abbas (lion)
Alaa (highness, greatness)
Qasim (giver, handsome)
Mughira (fighter)
Miqdad ("halver", "cutter", a fighter)
Miqdam (brave)
Nabigha (genius)
Nouman (blood)
Wazi (high status officer in the army)
Yamaan (means "from Yemen")
Abaan (clarity)
Abu Darda
Abu Ayyub
Abu Bakr
Abu Zar
Abu Obaida
Abu Musa
Ubai ("little father")
Ahmar (red)
Asad (lion)
Ibrahim (prophet)
Ishak (prophet)
Ismael (prophet)
Thabit (firm)
Jafar (river)
Habeeb (beloved)
Zuhair (flower that has recently blossomed)
Zayd (growth, increase, prosperity)
Saalim (flawless)
Saad (happiness)
Sufyan (fast-moving, fast-flying)
Suhail (easy-going, smooth, socially smart)
Sakhr and Safwaan (rock)
Aamer (long-living)
Abdul Rahman or Abdurrahman (servant of the Most Gracious, i.e. servant of Allah)
Abdullah (servant of Allah)
Uthman (snake)
Aqeel (intelligent)
Ukhasha (spider)
Ali (high, sublime)
Ammaar (long-living)
Amr (life)
Ikrimah (dove)
Furat (water, the Euphrates river)
Firas and Farraas (hunter, lion)
Kaab (noble, high)
Mudrik (wise, understanding)
Muadh (refuge, place of safety)
Wael (refuge)
Wahb (generosity)
Yahya (name of a prophet)
Yazeed (increase)
Yasaar (ease, victory)
Yaqoub (name of a prophet)
Yunus (prophet's name)
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Reader Comments:

  1. on Monday 8th of December 2014 05:19:59 AM

    Hanaan is used as a feminine name throughout Saudi,Kuwait, Yemen and Egypt; seems almost everywhere in the Arab region. You suggest this name for boys as well. Is it common to name a boy Hanaan in some Arab country? Pls clarify.

  2. on Saturday 12th of December 2015 07:22:32 AM

    What is the name of the sahabi who write every word of Muhammad peace be upon him?

  3. on Wednesday 16th of December 2015 02:36:54 AM

    it may be a different enunciation… Hanan (female), Han-Ahn (male)…which is seldom named.
    Like most young parents, people are coming up with odd names and claiming it is historic…
    someone told me Ronan is a companion of the prophet.

  4. on Saturday 19th of December 2015 01:04:57 PM

    Please send me some more names of sahaba & sahabiyat with meaning .

    Thanks & regards:

    Amer Ali.

  5. on Saturday 9th of January 2016 06:56:28 PM

    My son name is arhaan is it Islamic name pls answer can I continue it or change

  6. on Monday 11th of January 2016 12:05:24 PM

    us sahabi ka name btain jo jawani main zrra bkr pehn kr aur burhapy main bgair zrra bkr jung main kod party aur qayamat barpa kar daity

  7. on Sunday 27th of March 2016 11:05:46 AM

    I would like to know whether any sahabi name zakid ali

  8. on Sunday 3rd of April 2016 04:29:18 AM

    My nephew name is zubiyan, what is the name of the meaning and it’s right name or what

  9. on Sunday 26th of June 2016 09:43:17 AM

    i would like to know any sahabe name jargis….

  10. on Monday 27th of June 2016 07:04:01 PM

    my son name is Rayhan, in islamic vision this name is good or bad ?

  11. on Tuesday 28th of June 2016 07:57:03 AM

    Can mohammad ilham name has good meaning or nor can we keep this as name plz tell me

  12. on Monday 8th of August 2016 06:18:54 AM

    I wasn’t a name for my baby boy kindly suggest my name Mohammad Ehsan

  13. on Sunday 28th of August 2016 09:47:11 AM


  14. on Saturday 1st of October 2016 03:07:46 PM

    Which 2 sahabis lived60years in Islam and 60 years before iislam and when did they died?

  15. on Wednesday 21st of December 2016 07:02:23 PM

    Haieem name meaning

  16. on Monday 26th of December 2016 07:11:15 PM

    Please send Duraid name meaning and where is derived

  17. on Thursday 12th of January 2017 10:46:55 AM

    my son name Muhmmad Basit pls tell me name is wrighte r wrong

  18. on Tuesday 16th of May 2017 12:58:52 PM

    i gave birth s a son on saturday 2017 that is 17th.i need lists of babies boy names on saturday

  19. on Friday 16th of June 2017 07:29:05 AM

    Plz suggest me some nice name for my little baby boy

  20. on Thursday 29th of June 2017 07:09:33 AM

    give a good muslim boy name born on 25-06-2017 at 11. 00 am

  21. on Thursday 29th of June 2017 07:11:57 AM

    give a good muslim boy name born on 25-06-2017 at 11. 00 am give some famous name

  22. on Saturday 22nd of July 2017 03:38:52 PM

    Assalamu alaikum My name is Fatima ,I want name of sahabah pls

  23. on Thursday 3rd of August 2017 02:59:35 PM

    Plz give me a good name my childe born
    29july 2017
    My name is umer .

  24. on Wednesday 9th of August 2017 06:52:45 AM

    plz give me name that can be followed with the name Ahmed?

  25. on Thursday 17th of August 2017 04:24:32 AM

    Aslamu alikum. My name ia haram…I want more names sahabah plZ

  26. on Thursday 17th of August 2017 09:16:00 AM

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. I’am Auwal by name and i want u to write for me the meaning of the names Hamza, Harith and Khaleed.

  27. on Tuesday 26th of September 2017 02:14:36 PM

    assalam alay kum my name is shaik.gouse now iam 26 yrs i wnt to change my name pls suggest me a good names of Allah or prophets names……assalam alay kum

  28. on Friday 29th of September 2017 11:31:54 AM

    pls give me one good my boy..
    my name is shifa……

  29. on Friday 29th of September 2017 11:08:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum my son name is this name have good meaning pls reply

  30. on Friday 20th of October 2017 02:43:20 PM

    i want to know about Muawiyah and how sunni and scia consider him?

  31. on Friday 20th of October 2017 02:44:10 PM

    i want to know about Muawiyah and how sunni and shia consider him?

  32. on Sunday 22nd of October 2017 10:28:10 PM

    Write your comment here…I would like to no if shaqeeq is sahabi name and what is his purpose in it thank you

  33. on Monday 6th of November 2017 10:24:03 AM

    Plz tell me eshaq is a prophet or sahaba? I want boys name start with e and also meaning full….

  34. on Saturday 11th of November 2017 10:12:08 AM


    thank you
    jasakallahu hair

  35. on Thursday 14th of December 2017 04:44:01 PM

    suggest me baby boy name with good meaning baby birth date is 14 december 2017

  36. on Tuesday 19th of December 2017 09:20:14 AM

    Please suggest a nice sahabi name for my grandson born on 15th Dec 2017at 6.47am

  37. on Thursday 21st of December 2017 02:43:10 PM

    Mujhe mere bete Ke liye ak acha naam bataw Bhai plz

  38. on Tuesday 2nd of January 2018 11:59:28 AM

    Please suggest a nice sahabi name for my grandson born on 28 th Dec 2017at 2:00pm

  39. on Wednesday 17th of January 2018 01:35:51 PM

    Write your comment here…assalamualaikummm pls suggest nice sahabi name in starting letter m.

  40. on Wednesday 17th of January 2018 01:37:29 PM

    Write your comment husband name musaib Ahmed Khan so I think My son name also selected in letter m so pls send me nice sahabi names…

  41. on Tuesday 27th of February 2018 12:48:01 PM

    Is there any sahabis name musanna. I want to know the meaning of the name musanna.

  42. on Thursday 6th of December 2018 06:17:28 PM

    Mujhe mere bete ke liya acha barkat wala naam batayien

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    Please suggest a nice sahabi name for my grandson born on 25 th june 2019 at 6:00pm

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