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A Quranic Name for Girls

Meaning: High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb

Illiyyeen is variant of Illiyeen and has the exact same meaning and pronunciation (see below for full meaning). You can use either Illiyyeen or Illiyeen, both are correct and acceptable. If you like this variant more and you'd like to pronounce it the way it is spelled (different than the original name), this is perfectly acceptable. For more details please see the main entry at: Illiyeen.

Full Meaning of Illiyyeen

Illiyyeen is a direct Quranic name for girls that means “most sublime”, “highest of the high” and refers to the rank of the best believers, or the place in Paradise where these believers reside.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) says:

إِنَّ أَهل الجنة ليَتَراءَوْن أَهلَ عِلِّيِّن كما تَراءَوْنَ الكَوْكَبَ الدُّرِّيَّ في أُفُق السماء

The people of Paradise look at the people of Illiyyeen the way you look at a radiant star on the horizon. (i.e. their status is extremely higher than that of the normal dwellers of Paradise) [Lisan al-`Arab of Ibn Mandhoor]

The Quran mentions this name twice, in chapter 83:

Nay, but the record of the righteous is in ‘Illiyin –
Ah, what will convey unto thee what ‘Illiyin is! –
A written record, Attested by those who are brought near (unto their Lord).
Lo! the righteous verily are in delight,
On couches, gazing,
Thou wilt know in their faces the radiance and serenity of bliss.
They are given to drink of a pure wine, sealed,
Whose seal is musk – for this let (all) those strive who strive for bliss –
And mixed with water of Tasnim,
A spring whence those brought near (to Allah) drink.

[Surat al-Mutafifeen 83:18-28]

Ibn al-Atheer says Illiyyeen is the name of the seventh heaven. Others say it refers to the place in which the guardian angels reside, those who receive and record the deeds of devout believers. Others say it refers to the rank of the highest ranking and closest-to-Allah believers in the Hereafter.

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