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    This is a test prayer request

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    Allah blessed me with a baby girl on Saturday 1 November 2014. Kindly suggest me with which alphabet i choose the name for my baby girl according to month or suggest me a complete me.

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    Salam Everyone,
    I am expecting a baby girl very soon.My husband wants to name her ‘ Angelina’ .My question is ,can it be name for Muslim?Or does it have any contradiction with the muslim naming etiquette ?

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    Angelina comes from Angela, which is from New Testament Greek angelos, which means “messenger” in classical Greek, but in Christianity the word was adopted for “messenger from God”, meaning “angel” in the modern speech.

    Thus Angelina means “angel” or “angel-like”. The meaning of “angel” is not recommended for use by scholars, please see this answer for the reasoning behind this.

    It is not forbidden, just not recommended.

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    Assalam. I am confused with the meaning of the name – Maira, as this website suggests 2 meanings out of Quranic context, whereas, elsewhere on the internet the meanings “moon” and “bitter” are also suggested.
    Also, out of the 2 locations in the holy Quran, where the word Maira is indicated, I am not able to locate in Surat Yusuf (12:65).
    Please help determine the meaning of this name with possibly more info.

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    I am still waiting for your answer. Miss “maliha” post a question next day after my question and you answer her with in 12 hours but after 5 days I am still waiting for your answer.
    Please replay me.

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    We do not give name suggestions as there is no scientific criteria for it. Please choose any name that you and your family likes and that has a good meaning, we cannot give any suggestion beyond this.

    Other readers are free to suggest names for you if they so choose, and this is why we delayed replying to your post.

    Therefore if you want our suggestion, please go through the lists of names on our site, choose a number of names that you and your wife and relatives like, and among these one that is liked the best.

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    In the Arabic language, two words can have the same exact spelling and pronunciation, the only difference between them is in the root they are derived from. Thus you can only tell from the context which word it is . This is true for the name Maira, which can be derived from two different roots and thus have two different meanings. When using it as a name, you can use it with one of the meanings, or you can keep the ambiguity and have it keep both meanings.

    As for finding it in Surat Yusuf, please read our new comment that we left on the page for Maira.

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    Does the name talaya derive from taalia?

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    Can you please tell us where you’ve heard the name and what language you think it is from?

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    My daughter name is Haeeda, I found different meaning from different sources. could you please provide the exact meaning .

    Best Regards,

    Usama Ahmed

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    Is Umaiza Erum can be a good name for baby of indian muslim or please suggest good names.

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    I am a muslim from Indian continent and I named my son ZUHAYZ upon coming accross a name of a Sahabi over internet. Yet I am unconvinced about the name being a muslim name. Please help me. All I need to know is the name is not a forbidden muslim name.

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    Asif Khan

    Dear Quran Club team,

    I have been told by a Mufti that Eshaal is not an authentic name as there is no mention of it in any dictionary or in Quran itself. I tried myself to find the roots but failed.
    What I could find was different meanings for it on various sites.

    Now I am in dilemma whether to change my daughter’s name or leave it. She is Mashallah 4.6 years old already.
    Would appreciate your help in this regards.

    Asif khan

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    The meaning of Eshaal mentioned on our site is correct and accurate, you can read the page here. The page also mentions its Arabic spelling and its root, so it should be easy for someone who knows Arabic to find and verify it.

    As for what other sites mention, it is not our concern. Most Muslim baby name sites copy information from each other without verification.

    There is no reason to change your daughter’s name, even if you later had found out that the name has no meaning. There are some Arabic names whose meaning nobody knows, and yet they are still used.

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    The name you mention sounds like Haidah/Haideh/Haida, which is a Persian name for girls that means “clear”, “vivid”, “lucid”. This name is pronounced [(HA)nd + pra(Y)] + [(DU)st OR (DE)stiny]. This is not an Islamic name but it is an acceptable name for Muslims since it has a good meaning.

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    So far we do not have any information on the name Umaiza and for this reason unfortunately we cannot help you. We do not provide name suggestions, our suggestion is that you choose any name that has a good meaning. Other readers who read this page are free to give you name suggestions if they wish.

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    We cannot find any mention of a name like Zuhayz in Sahabi databases. We found one English page that mentions a Sahabi called Ka’b bin Zuhayz, but there is no such Sahabi, it is most likely a misspelling of Ka’b bin Zuhayr.

    Therefore you can keep the name Zuhayz with the meaning of Zuhayr, which is “flower”. Misspellings are not big issue as there are many Arabic names that have non-standard spellings or altered spellings and this does not make the name a bad name.

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    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    i am looking for some nice islamic/Muslium name for my daughter.i like name Ranya(rania).

    .Can i Consider this name for my daughter as good name n meaning.
    .i saw that Hindu also named their girl Rania…So it is allowed that” Musliums Can also named same name as hindu do”??
    .i know the arabic spelling of name rania is like رانية .but can you tel how we write in urdu??(رانیا رانیہ)….or they are written same way in both languages.
    .Finally i asked from some mufti they said its meaning is “gaze”….but from your site i came to know its also meaning “winner”, “one who triumphs”, “victor”, “successful….Which is correct meaning??

    i hope u clarify my each question.

    i am very thankful to you

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    Could u please tell me meanings of name Nabeera/Nabira as soon as possible plz.

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    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am Tahsin From Bangladesh.

    I wanted to know if Riyana is an Islamic or Quranic name. If so what is the meaning of this name? My sister is due later this month. I need to know ASAP.


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    Rania is an Arabic name that means “one who has a loving gaze” (full article here).

    The fact that non-Muslims use this name (or a name sounding like it) does not create any problems. This is an Arabic word from Arabic roots and has nothing to do with the languages of India. As for the Urdu spellings, both are acceptable, since it is common practice to change the spelling of a word when creating a name (i.e. the spelling of the name is not required to be the same as the standard spelling of the word).

    All of the meanings mentioned on our site are correct. One word can have many different meanings.

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    We currently have no information on any names that sound like Nabeera/Nabira. Can you please provide some information on where you’ve heard this name and from what language?

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Riyana might be a simplified form of Rihanna, or a feminized form of Rayyan, meaning “one who is satiated”, “one who is not thirsty”.

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    Muslim Brother

    As-salamu alaykum,
    My wish is to call my daughter (InshaAllah expected in Dec) with the name SYEDA FATIMA ZAHRA.
    My question is i want to know
    1. the complete meaning of this name and
    2. what will be its significance on my daughter.
    3. correct English spelling and pronunciation.

    Jazak Allāh

  • in reply to: Nuha and pre islamic Arabia #105712


    When I searched Nuha I found this article on Wikipedia:

    I really like the name but I am concerned because it was also a name of a diety of pre islamic Arabia. Would it be a Shirki name?

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,
    Syeda Fatima Zahra means “Lady Fatima, the pearl-like woman”. Fatima itself means “one who has been weaned off breast milk”.

    For the pronunciation of Fatima and Zahra please search our website. Syeda can be pronounced differently depending on your culture. In Arabic the word is Sayyidah, which is pronounced [(SAY)] + [(YI)ppee] + [(DU)st].

    There are no correct English spellings for Arabic names. You can spell them any way you like.

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    There is no issue with the name Nuha since it is a common word that means “wisdom”, “intelligence” and it is used with this meaning in the Quran. If the false deity’s name is also Nuha, that does not make the word a bad name, unless you use the name to refer to the deity. But if you use the name for its meaning, then there is no issue.

    A similar issue is the using of the names of chapters of the Quran, which scholars do not recommend, for example naming a child Ikhlas after Surat al-Ikhlas. However, scholars say if you name a child Ikhlas for its meaning, not as a reference to the chapter of the Quran, then there is no issue with it.

    Back to deities, if someone today creates a false deity and names it Muhammad, that does not make Muhammad a bad name. The same is true for Nuha. And let’s not forget the names of the other false deities of Arabs: Allaat was meant to be the feminine form of the word Allah, the fact that they share the same linguistic root does not make the word “Allah” a bad word.

    If you need further assurance, here is a fatwa from the Islamic Affairs ministry of the government of the United Arab Emirates, and here is another fatwa on, a respected site run by the Islamic Affairs ministry of Qatar. Both fatwas say the name is a good name and they find no issues with it.

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    Please advise, can I use Zariya name for my new born baby girl as I am confused about the meaning because in quran it is “scattering wind”..Please advise ASAP..

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    Yes, Zariya means “scattering wind” (full article). And yes, you can use it for your newborn.

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