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    Sunbal Siddiq

    Salam brother/sister I was searching for names that rhyme Alveena and I came up with the name Alveera, I would like to know the meaning, origin and if it’s a good name for Muslims or not. Tell me about the details of this name and also if there are any other names you know that rhyme Alveena, let me know that too!
    Thank you!

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    Assalamalikum to all
    May i know the meaning of alveera, origin if

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    Is alveera name quranic name is it good or not.

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    Alsalam o alaikum
    Kindly can somebody inform me the meaning or Alveera name. Also tell is this name good for muslim baby girl or not,?

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    please tell me meaning of Alveera and also tell is this good name for muslim baby girl.??

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      Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    Aveera is baby girl name and its meaning is speaker of truth.
    Mean such bolny wali. Its purely Islamic name

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    Alveera Hafeez

    It means the Soldier of Allah. It also means one who is only afraid of Allah and no one else. It also means the Speaker of the truth. It’s my own name and it’s really very powerful!!

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