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    I know Razeen is name of a sahabi, however can we have rizeen as a baby girl name as some say razeen can be pronounced as rizeen too. Also I found on net Rizeen ibn Habash or Rizeen ibn habeeb sometimes been referred for Zirr Ibn Hobaish and also Abu al-Hasan Rizeen al-Abdari – Imam al-Haramain – author of Manaaqeb of Ameerul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Taalib r.a, who actually may be razeen al abdari is reffered as rizeen at some places.Besides we have a supplication for saturday which goes like “the speech of those who seek His protection
    WA MAQAALATIL-MUTAH’AR-RIZEEN ” Also متحرزين can be found in articles and

    on google translation if we type رِزين it shows up sedate as meaning and also pronounces it as rizeen and also razeen both show up same meaning with zer on ray present or absent where as رِزن show up as Assay
    also on other sites

    Rzn Rzwn
    Rzwn meaning: (collect) Assay: high place and the lower

    so if you can please let us know if Razeen can also be pronounced as rizeen as arabic word doesn’t carry zer and zabar and so if we can use rizeen for baby girl?

    Also is there a name like Rayzal or rezal or similar in arabic

    And can Fariha be used like feriha. In turkey fariha is called as feriha and alims over there not sure if they are stopping people from keeping name as feriha instead of fariha

    so need some light on rizeen, feriha and rayzal



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