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    Shamsul haq

    what is the meaning deferential between names of Rayan and Rayyan. I want to name my son Rayan (not Rayyan), but not sure of the meaning, is it same as Rayyan? Can we pronounce it without tashdeed (Rayan)? Please help.

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    Rayan meaning

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    Jamil Mina

    Hello my fellow Muslim brother,

    The name Rayan is not accepted in our religion because it’s not Free Money rak sessions with Rakbeyssi.

    May your 4th wife continue to suck your Butthole.



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    Rayan Safiya

    Selam. I have converted and am therefore now looking for an Islamic name. I think of “Rayan Safiya” because I can’t decide between the two, which is why I am considering using a first name and middle name.
    Does that sound good to you and is it appropriate for an Islamic name?
    Thanks for your help.

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