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    Muhammad Sarmad Atiq


    I have confirmed my daughter’s name Ansharah from your website. Now people are telling me that Ansharah is not a valid name, it is Inshirah. So should we call her Inshirah or Ansharah and what is more authentic as per Quran & Arabic language?

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    There are many Arabic and Islamic names that are ghair qiyasi (“non-standard or non-grammatical”). One such name is Zidan. People are free to change the pronunciation of names, since there is no religious requirement for names to be grammatically correct, or to even have a meaning.

    We looked on the internet and found hundreds of girls and women that are named Ansharah.

    Inshirah is the original word and Ansharah is the altered version, and they are both acceptable names, the same way that Zaidan is the original word and Zidan is the altered version.

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    I want know meaning of my name. Since i haven’t found it correctly neither my parents know the actual meaning of “Qiyaash”..

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