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    Assalam wa le kum
    Mushkbar Ramisha Istibshar Izhan Alishba
    how are these names? N there is any relation with islamic or quranic terms…
    plz give meaning of these names
    n should i put there names or not???
    Jazak allah

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    As for Ramisha, it might be an Urdu feminine form of Ramesh. As for Istibshar, please see: Istibshar.

    As for the other names, we have no information on them.

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    1) Muhammad khairul izhan

    2) muhammad khairul inam al haq

    May I know the meaning of these name?

    I’ve have searched in website, but found one only..

    Izhan – wise,knowing,discerning

    Is it true?

    I want to name my baby boy.

    Thank you.

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