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    So basically I have two sons
    One five and one four
    They bite begin with k
    Not on purpose but by coincidence
    There called Kayden and Kion.

    I have been blessed with twin girls alhumdulliah
    And love the name Kayla and Kiara

    However I’m worried that the kkkk will clash or remind everyone of the kkk terrorist group and I don’t wanna go there

    The k names I love for some reason and I won’t change my mind

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    I am not Muslim but I’m also having this problem
    My children are called Kimberly and Kendall
    I love the name Kia for a girl but
    It will make KKK

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    ibn ahmed

    there is no problem in that the letter “K” is not there property you can name kids with names that start with the letter “K” as much as you want.

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