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    >Inaya comes from the verb ‘ana which means to be concerned with or show care for. Its rough translation would be simply “concern” or “care.”
    Is it true.
    >And if inaya is derived from word inayat عِنَايات then we can also consider it meaning as “care”, “consideration”, “protection”.
    But i don’t understand how you can say we can interpret it this to mean “help that comes from Allah”, which can also be considered to mean “gift from Allah” because i think its the meaning of word
    Inayatullah عِنَاية الله as ALLAH word is there.But there is no word of Allah in Inaya name
    >Can i consider Inaya as meaningful name as i translated it “concern” or “care.”as it is derived from these name عِنَايات or عِنَاية الله.so i am just curious is Inaya a proper name.

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    Inaya means “care”, “protection”, “concern”. Compare this to the name Ataa, which means “gift”, “something given freely”, which people use with the meaning of “gift from Allah”, even though there is no “Allah” in it. The reason is that when you say “this child is a gift”, if someone asks a gift from whom, the answer is “from Allah”, therefore whether Allah is mentioned or not, the assumption is that the gift is from Allah.

    It is the same with Inaya. The parents are saying that this child is a care and protection bestowed on them, by whom? By Allah. Therefore it means “Allah’s care and protection”.

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    People usually said “Inaya” is not proper name as it is derived from inayat.Inayat mean Courtesy kindness

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    @Raniya: Inayah/Inaya is the standard form of the name. Inayat is the Turkish derivation of the Arabic name. They all have the same meaning.

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    >Is inayah is an arabic name??
    AS u said Inayat is the Turkish derivation of the Arabic name. so whats the original arabic name.
    >I came out lot of meaning of inaya
    care, concern, providence, kindness, graciousness, focus,gift,Consideration,attention,help,Protection. …..i think they all fall in same category

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    Inaya, also spelled Inayah, is the original Arabic name.

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    Salamou Aleykoum

    An imam told me that we moslim have to say 3inaya (with el3een) because just inaya doesnt excist. Is this true? I like inaya more then 3inaya. Can you help me pleas?

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    As salamu alaikum

    I want to give this name INAYA to my daughter
    please inform me actual meaning of this name and its pronounciation in Arabic & English

    Jazakallahu Khairan….

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    I want to give my daughter name Inaya Ainaz. Is it meaningful?

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