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    Hi to all of you, My name Jeena Khan (nee Smith). I am from United Kingdom & I live with my husband, I converted to Islam four years ago. My husband & I are expecting our first child together, it’s a girl. We want to name her a rare and cute name, but we didn’t like anything yet. Can you please tell me some? Thank you so much.

    With respect,
    Jeena Khan

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    A Muslimah

    I LOVE the names Ayana abd Ashreena!

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    A Muslimah

    I LOVE the names Ayana and Ashreena!

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    I would suggest these name alyara, zarina(zareena)
    Samira, ameelah,areesha

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    i love to suggest u the name AISHA…. one of loving and younger wife our Beloved PROPHET(P.B.U.H) Alhumdulillah…

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    Shaiel Deen

    I would suggest you Taiel because I like it, it means high of rank, generous, power it’s nice.

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    This name is a beautiful name and it has such a nice sound to it

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    The name nayana is a very beautiful name and I have rarely heard it anywhere

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