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    can you help me to find out the meaning of Hunaydah.. is that a Islamic arabic girls name?


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    Is Huwaydah also Islamic Arabic and quranic name?? Please tell it meaning

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    Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

    Hunaydah (هنيدة) is an Arabic word that means “100 camels”. Since camels were a symbol of wealth, it is like calling the girl “jewel”, suggesting that she is valuable and precious.

    As for Huwaydah, it is the feminine of Huwayd, which is an Arabic name taken from the Persian word Huwaydaa, which means “clear”, “manifest”, “apparent”. It is an acceptable name for Muslims since it has a good meaning, but it is not Quranic.

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    I think Huwaydah is the ‘tasqeer’ of ‘Haadi’ which means guide. My opinion though I stand to be corrected.

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