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    Rehan Masood


    I liked the name “Hishaam” and “Ibrahim” very much. So much so that I gave both names to my first son. My name is Rehan Masood and I gave my son the name “Hishaam Ibrahim”. Is it ok?

    Please advice.

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    Aboo Mu’aawiyah

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,

    I personally would not give two names, in the West, I would recommend something like:

    [Child’s name] [Father’s Name] [Family Name]

    Plus it should be “Ibraaheem”, because in “Hishaam” the elongation is shown in the transliteration (shaa) so it should equally be shown in Ibraaheem; because otherwise it would be “Hisham”

    So “Hishaam” or “Ibraaheem” in my opinion.

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    Rehan Masood

    Jazak Allah Aboo Muaawiyah.

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    Aboo Mu’aawiyah

    My pleasure, wa iyyaakum.

    In shaa Allaah raise your child steadfast to the deen!

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    With respect to Aboo Mu’aawiyah’s kind advice, our staff’s position is that Hishaam Ibrahim is an acceptable name. Giving two names to a child is not practiced by Arabs, but it is practiced by many Desi cultures and it is Islamically acceptable. As for the spelling, Arabic name can be written in English however the parents wish, therefore Hishaam Ibrahim is acceptable. Bother Aboo Mu’aawiyah correctly points out the inconsistency between using one “a” vs. two, but this is still acceptable if this is how you wish to spell them.

    Brother Aboo Mu’aawiyah’s advice is good and feel free to follow it if you wish.

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    Rehan Masood

    Jazak Allah

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    As salam o alikum,

    i am searching for a good name for my new born, i have been suggested with “mohammed fawaaz” or “mohammed Masood”
    and “mohammed Aahil”.

    i have seen some menaings in the web, but i feel i should ask some one who could guide me.
    if any one has any suggestion in accordance to islam, please advise.
    thnak you,

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    Izhar Ul Haq

    Which name is better for my baby boy;
    1) Muhammad Hishaam Khan
    2) Muhammad Saadain Khan

    Kindly suggest one with some Quranic/Islamic reference.


    Izhar Ul Haq

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