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    Assalam. I am confused with the meaning of the name – Maira, as this website suggests 2 meanings out of Quranic context, whereas, elsewhere on the internet the meanings “moon” and “bitter” are also suggested.
    Also, out of the 2 locations in the holy Quran, where the word Maira is indicated, I am not able to locate in Surat Yusuf (12:65).
    Please help determine the meaning of this name with possibly more info.

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    In the Arabic language, two words can have the same exact spelling and pronunciation, the only difference between them is in the root they are derived from. Thus you can only tell from the context which word it is . This is true for the name Maira, which can be derived from two different roots and thus have two different meanings. When using it as a name, you can use it with one of the meanings, or you can keep the ambiguity and have it keep both meanings.

    As for finding it in Surat Yusuf, please read our new comment that we left on the page for Maira.

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    replica love bangle

    Yes Tyler, that’s exactly the right way to use the V-Score. In fact not even the WPM score is totally accurate, since it only measures words and minutes… but does not really measure whether you ‘read’ those words.

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