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    Asif Khan

    Dear Quran Club team,

    I have been told by a Mufti that Eshaal is not an authentic name as there is no mention of it in any dictionary or in Quran itself. I tried myself to find the roots but failed.
    What I could find was different meanings for it on various sites.

    Now I am in dilemma whether to change my daughter’s name or leave it. She is Mashallah 4.6 years old already.
    Would appreciate your help in this regards.

    Asif khan

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    The meaning of Eshaal mentioned on our site is correct and accurate, you can read the page here. The page also mentions its Arabic spelling and its root, so it should be easy for someone who knows Arabic to find and verify it.

    As for what other sites mention, it is not our concern. Most Muslim baby name sites copy information from each other without verification.

    There is no reason to change your daughter’s name, even if you later had found out that the name has no meaning. There are some Arabic names whose meaning nobody knows, and yet they are still used.

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