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    nida rafiq

    i want to ask about baby girl name IRHAA .. what does it mean ? n is it good name?kindly tell me about name ABRISH ,some people say this is heavy name.

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    As for Irhaa, please see: Irhaa

    As for Abrish, we have no specific information on this name. It seems to made of Persian ab (“water”) and rish (“pouring”), thus meaning “one who pours water”.

    What do you mean by a heavy name? I didn’t know names had weights.

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    hi, i would like to know what is the actual meaning of the name ABRISH

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    I want to ask about baby girl name anida .. what does it mean in arbi?

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    what do u mean by heavy name,i didnot knew my name had a weight too!!!!,although Abrish means “rehmat ki baarish”Rain of mercy”

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